Yellow Massage ball - 1 pcs.

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  • Learning through play: playing with a ball, a baby learns how to distinguish shapes
  • Many functions: sensory balls are for playing, but also massaging
  • Falling asleep faster: a relaxed baby experiences greater comfort and falls asleep faster
  • Safe for your baby: no harmful phthalates or heavy metals
  • Encouragement for play: vibrant colours and interesting patterns

Vibrant colours and a diverse texture are elements characteristic to Sensorky. These sensory balls are designed to stimulate a child’s sensory receptors. Babies younger than 3 months adapt to the life outside of mum’s belly by flexing muscles, which can be relaxed with a gentle massage with a ball rolled across the baby’s back and legs, or even the whole body. A relaxed baby feels greater comfort, which makes falling asleep faster. Handing the ball directly to the baby develops their hand muscles. What is more, catching, rolling, tossing the ball improves the baby’s manual skills and coordination between conscious grabbing and seeing. Sensory balls are perfect for bathtub play. Bathing time is then associated with pleasure. What is more, grooves and edgings are an interesting element for kids when they need to learn about the world.

Sensory balls will help you to:

  • relax your muscles
  • stimulate circulation
  • develop fine motor skills
  • make the process of falling asleep shorter.

It is recommended to have a massage 3-4 times a week.

Colours: Yellow

  • Size: 6x6 cm
  • Target age group: 0+
  • Made of: soft PVC
  • Country of origin: Poland

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