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  • Many functions: it can also be a dummy holder
  • It teaches and entertains: it develops fine motor skills and allows to play with it for a longer time
  • Multi-functional: a toy with a squeaky toy, a mirror, and crinkly elements
  • It supports your baby’s sensory education
  • It has a tag allowing to attach the toy to a car seat, a crib, or a pushchair

Mom's care toy is made of soft and structure-diverse fabrics that are safe for your child and will satisfy little fingers of the most curious explorer. Its contrast elements support proper vision development. Black and white used in the toy are the first colours seen by a baby till they are around 5 months old. It is only later that the baby starts to see other colours and their shades.

Cudak Pink mirror finished with a clip and a ring which can be detached with a snap fastener. It can also be used as a dummy holder. The Cudak mirror can be fixed to clothes with a clip, with a chew toy or a dummy attached instead of a tag.

Cudak Pink Mirror will help you to:

  • support baby’s sensory integration
  • stimulate baby’s senses from the first days of their life
  • make your child occupied for a long time
  • practice eye-hand coordination

Hencz Toys are Polish products, awarded on various occasions, compliant with EN-71 and made of materials awarded with “Przyjazny dla człowieka” (Human-friendly) and “Bezpieczny dla dziecka” (Safe for children) certificate. As we manufacture every toy on our own, we make sure that the production quality is the highest at every stage. Each product has a CE certificate.

  • Size: 8x30 cm
  • Material: Cotton, Minky
  • Target age group: 0+
  • Mirror: a soft one, made of PVC
  • Country of origin: Poland

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