Gryzolki - Silicon Rattle Frog

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  • One toy- multiple applications - teether & rattle
  • Supports sensory education
  • Stimulates the sense of vision and hearing
  • Irreplaceable when teething
  • Development of small motor skills
  • Stimulation of the senses: vision and hearing
  • Development of biting skills.

Silicon Rattle Frog is made of silicone safe for your child. It has a "Positive Opinion of the Institute of Mother and Child No. Op-5282, valid until 15.02.2023".

It is the perfect toy for a sercture. Itchy gum massage is ideal. In addition, it is designed to develop the ability to bite. These are not all the advantages of Frog. Teether Frog is a 2-in-1 toy. 

We decided to combine the rattle and teether that the child has even more pleasure in playing. Just a gentle movement of the handle, and the toy will make a pleasant sound for the little one.

The black and white rattle found in the head of frog develops a correct perception of colors and stimulates the sense of sight. The newborn has poor eyesight, so a contrasting toy will be the most suitable for him. In addition, the chew is suitable for small hands. The child can freely grab it.

Before giving the toy to the child, wash it thoroughly with a soft, damp cloth with the addition of baby soap. Leave it to dry. Do not cook and sterilise.

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